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Project Examples in this Focus AreaLeadership Development

Leadership DevelopmentHighly effective leaders are behind the greatest results, the happiest teams, and the most profound contributions. Problem situations are in reality an opportunity to reach the next level of leadership capability. RRC works with individual executives and leadership teams of all sizes to develop and hone their skills.

Leadership today is being redefined. The old “command and control” model is being replaced by collective leadership, marked by shared decision-making and accountability. This type of leadership is recognized as accessing the wisdom of many perspectives and thereby creating lasting results. The intangible attributes of leadership are the new barometer for success. It is no longer enough to get something done; leaders are now being measured by how effectively they inspire and facilitate others’ achievement.

Leadership development is the creative process of moving an individual or team to the next level of awareness and excellence. The prompting for this work is often some indication of being stuck, unable to realize goals, frustrated over diminishing resources, or some other “problem.” In fact, it is these experiences that signal an opportune time to work on developing new levels of leadership potential. RRC specializes in reframing these seemingly negative experiences into the opportunity they represent, and working with executives to see this and then take advantage of it.

RRC brings a wealth of experience from many years of working with a wide variety of executives and leadership teams to its leadership development practice. Services in this area include individual coaching to bring forward new realizations that promote top performance, training on select topics to create a new level of shared understanding among a team, and team coaching to increase capability and results in real-time. These services may be contracted individually or in combination to best serve the client’s needs.

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