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“This kind of transformation is my life’s work. Helping people, groups, organizations, communities reach for the impossible, imagine the unbelievable, design strategy, map new territory, and track discovery of worlds unknown. I watch as the individuals in these groups come alive again, inspired by renewed meaning and the promise of returning the infinite’s investment in humanity.”

RRC~ Rebecca Reynolds
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Project Examples in this Focus AreaOrganizational Transformation

Organizational TransformationAn organization’s effectiveness and productivity is cyclical: change is the only constant. Maintaining currency and demand are tied to understanding the marketplace. The organization’s ability to recognize this and stay abreast of the change curve is a highly evolved skill, and one that is paramount to its ongoing success. An organization's ability to meet the challenges of change is the difference between average performance and brilliance. RRC works with organizations to develop this capability and to guide them through the process of transformation toward the realization of their highest potential.

Forecasting change, assessing its impact on the organization, and creating a plan to address it are all aspects of the on-going process of organizational transformation. RRC offers high level strategic assessment and planning processes to assist organizations in this work.

Perhaps even more important to organizational transformation is an explicit awareness of and congruence with the underlying values, beliefs and assumptions that make up the character of the organization. Too often these fundamentals are assumed, implicit, or operating at a completely unconscious level. These fundamentals drive behavior and decision-making, and getting these day-lighted so that the organization can either reaffirm or revise them toward better alignment with current trends is a key aspect of the RRC transformation process.

After the organization has achieved renewed clarity of purpose, validated their core belief and values, and aligned appropriately with the trends having a significant effect on them, then it is time to evaluate the structure of its business and processes. RRC aids in this evaluation effort toward the creation of structure that supports and advances the mission and core values, rather than serving as impediments to them.

As part of all the above, RRC emphasizes the importance of communication. Organizations with effective, swift and compelling communication are highly successful. RRC supports its clients in the consideration of what messages are essential and in what time frame, and then framing those messages so that they are deftly conveyed to the particular public desired (whether that be employees, partners, stakeholders, competitors, or superiors). Each of these is a key element to communication that works.

Finally, RRC teaches that the cyclical nature of existence operates no less meaningfully in business than it does in the natural world, in society, in the family. With this as the expectation, RRC clients learn the process for on-going renewal and clarity in the face of change, paving the way for organizational resilience and success.

RRC brings to its Organizational Transformation work the combined services of strategic planning and assessment, communication expertise, leadership team development, and organizational development capability.

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